ASK ABOUT EVANGELISM, led by Captain Andrew CARTER, is a community and set of tools and resources for those want to attract without Pressure, Share without Hard Sell, and Bring without Weirdness those around them to JESUS. If you want to be equipped in Sharing your Faith, as God says in Ephesians 4: 11 -12, Ask About Evangelism Coaching is designed specifically for you.
Andrew CARTER and Ask About Evangelism's philosophy is simple:
Through unceasing Prayer and Obedience...
When you know how to ATTRACT people God has called you to minister to, POSITION yourself so they will be happy to hear what you have to say, and DELIVER the Gospel in a way that speaks into their lives rather than at them, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow the Kingdom of God. All our Coaching is designed to help you with those three elements.

Here at Ask About Evangelism, we equip you as per Ephesians 4: 11 - 12.

...did I mention only through constant Prayer and Obedience? (Never Forget whose in charge here and whose Kingdom you are building.
Chocolate Evangelism by Captain Andrew D. CARTER
This evangelism book is for people who seriously want to share their Faith. It contains proven tactics that are working right now. And it’s easy to read. There are diagrams to help you “get” the process I personally use.
...did I mention I wrote this through constant Prayer and Obedience?
The Ask About Evangelism Implementation process is a short 6-part online program designed to get you real results, fast,
...but only through constant Prayer and Obedience?
Our flagship process, Evangelism Transformation, is a community of smart Godly coaches and trainers who are sharing Jesus and getting remarkable results, constantly evaluating what they do and actually act on what they learn from me and each other (Proverbs 27:17), all while growing their Churches and loving what they do.
...did I mention definitely through constant Prayer and Obedience?
Be equipped to share Jesus without any pressure, hard sell or weirdness
Increase your results and grow your Church,
...all through constant
 Prayer and Obedience!

Talk of the town.
Here’s what others in the Church are saying about my book and the methodologies we teach.
4/5 Amazon Star Rating by Kim Miller: Worth it's price of a cup of coffee - mocha, of course

Andrew Carter gives a refreshing view of evangelism in this book. Instead of offering a standardised formula for conversation he lays out a process of engagement. This takes the material out of the `rote learning of a method' and into the field of personal creativity.
4/5 Amazon Star Rating by Bee-1: Informative

This was a very enlightening read and gave me an understanding of true evangelism which is a longer term commitment. The process described can be adapted and applied in various ministry situations.
5/5 Amazon Star Rating by David Pettett: I love chocolate! I love evangelism!

This book by Andrew Carter shows that evangelism doesn't have to be the scary task many Christians think it is. Andrew says he likes chocolate and wants evangelism to be as likeable as chocolate. Trained as an evangelist himself Andrew has clear ideas about how to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. His ideas make sense. The way he presents his ideas gives the reader inspiration that evangelism is possible, not scary, even likeable - like chocolate. Less than three dollars! Worth ten times. But for the person who will benefit from your evangelism - priceless!
Get the 'Chocolate Evangelism' Book Today 

This is a valuable resource for those of all experience-levels and types who want to effectively share their Faith. Inside you’ll discover how to have a hugely successful ministry that will dramatically increase your fruit...all through unceasing prayer and obedience (I may not have mentioned that before :))
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