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Is “Free” really “Free”?


Is “Free” really “Free”?

One of my readers asked a very valid question “I am just saying if God has given a revelation on how to bring people to Him wouldn't He want you to give it away for free”. She has a very valid point. I need to say this though. What I teach is not a one off ‘silver bullet’ so to speak. In a sense it is not a one off ‘revelation’ as such either. What it is then?

It’s an ongoing process on how one deals with those around them. It will take time, energy and money on my part to coach people. I have to pay for my ads so people are aware of me, a teleseminar service so I can coach, computer, electricity and internet costs as well to name a few. My students will also have to pay in terms of time, energy and money to engage those outside the church. Ministry costs.

However, I have found things that ‘cost’ the greatest, give the greatest ‘rewards’ by far. I also have found things that cost little, give that. Exactly little. Doesn’t Jesus demand our all? It will ‘cost’ us everything to truly give our lives to Him. It cost Him dearly too. I know which ‘cost’ I’d rather pay. He has my life. From this ‘cost’ comes a reward I can just marvel at and accept. I will keep using all of my time, energy and money for Him. After all, Jesus now owns it! So, is ‘Free’ truly ‘Free’.

I would definitely say NO! Even my ‘Free’ stuff is not ‘Free’. It will cost you time, energy and money. Yes money, I assume you didn’t steal the Phone or whatever device your reading from 😊. The most important I feel is time. You can generally get another Phone or whatever. You can recover energy from a good sleep. Sadly, none of us can even recover a second once it is gone. Our time here on earth is finite. Jesus expects us to use this precious limited resource wisely, especially not squandering it on so called ‘Free’ things. Yes, in Heaven time will be infinite, but until then it isn’t.  

Value always costs because it has to be implemented. For you to get value from my so called ‘Free’ material you have to spend time downloading it and then reading it. That’s just the start. To implement it you have to spend more time, probably money (gas, meals out with others, fees associated with a hobby, gathering or event, etc.) and a variable amount of energy. Bringing people to Jesus costs, pure and simple, but didn’t it cost Him more? Don’t we get back far, far more than our ‘cost’ of time, energy and money?

Is it wrong to ask for money in exchange for value? Paul says this in 1 Timothy 5:18 NIV: For Scripture says, "Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain," and "The worker deserves his wages." My answer, based on this Scripture, would be No, as long as I add value. I put money in the plate, along with my time and energy, at my Church because they add value to me and my family. The key here is value. Value to each party, not just one. Jesus calls us to be valuable to Him, ourselves and those around us. What did He say the two greatest commandments were again? Another reason is commitment. A lot of us are more likely to act on something we have paid for. Not always, but there is just that extra motivation to use something we paid for.

I will add ‘Free’ Value that will cost you in Time and Energy. It will be regular, stand alone, actionable and valuable in its own right. It will not require any financial spend on your part. However, it may well cost money to implement as I mentioned earlier. I will also send you paid offers. Exactly that, offers which you may like to pick up or not. I only have a finite time, just like you. If you are on my list and feel that I am not delivering value, unsubscribe quickly. If you have a paid product and equally find it of no or little value contact me quickly within the time period and get a refund. I wish I could refund your time, but of course I can’t. You need to do this, I won’t be upset.

If you’ve given your life to Jesus, then all of your time, energy and money is His. You will be accountable to Him for all three! Be a wise in how you use ALL of them. I think we can take a lot away from Matthew 25:14-30 in regard to how we spend our time, energy and money.

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Captain Andrew D. CARTER

CEO Ask About Evangelism

Email: andrew@askaboutevangelism.com

Website: https://askaboutevangelism.com/

Captain Andrew CARTER

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